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Driving Lessons in Mullingar

Whether you are a complete beginner or just looking to build your confidence with some additional pre-test driving lessons in Mullingar, we`re here to help.
Our RSA qualified driving instructors are on hand to help you with any areas you may be struggling with or to overcome any bad habits before your driving test.
With free local pick up & drop off and friendly encouragement from our instructors we`ll have you test ready in no time.

EDT Lessons

All learner drivers must complete Essential Driver Training (EDT) before they can sit a driving test. EDT is a structured training program that consists of 12 driving lessons with an RSA Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). Each EDT lesson will usually last one hour.

Pre Test Lessons

You are a long way on your journey to securing your full driving licence. You have successfully passed your theory test and completed a minimum of 12 EDT driving lessons. The last stage is now sitting your driving test.

Driving Test Car Hire

You`re ready to take your driving test and need to decide which car to use on the day. We strongly recommend that you use the same vehicle that you did your 12 EDT lessons in, whether that is your own or one from Mullingar Driving School..

We Give Best Guidence To Each Student,
That’s Why We Produce Confident & Safe Drivers

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Mullingar Driving School provides driving lessons to students of all ages and experience levels in the greater Mullingar area.

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